The Food Enchantress

Ambrosia Boureois, the New Orleans Goddess of Gastronomy, is back as she uses food to seduce men and it converts them into the perfect guy. She attempts to perfect her craft by using traditional recipes from her deceased grandmother and occasionally consulting her mysterious aunt. Though she gets rescued from her home after Hurricane Katrina, it temporarily foils her plans of finding true love. For a moment, she thinks that she will start a new life with her youthful neighbor Marcus, but instead they go their separate ways. She ends up on an airplane heading to a mystery location, her final destination-Rockville, Maryland. After spiritual cleansing, she decides to find and purchase a permanent home in Fairfax, Virginia to regain a since of normalcy. Soon she resorts back to using food to seduce men in hopes of creating Mister Right. Ambrosia knows what to cook Memphis – some Maryland Chicken. She uses celery seed to reduce his cockiness and garlic powder to raise his desire for her. The concoction makes him sick. It did not matter to her; she did not foresee a future with him anyway. Ambrosia’s beauty mesmerizes Jackson Cooper, so he approaches her. To impress him, she talks about taking the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). When he takes her to Union Station for a date at a popular Southern-style restaurant, she finds herself hobbling down the streets of the capital with a twisted ankle. Lucius Delight, an Executive Chef, has a goal of opening a restaurant someday. He and Ambrosia hit it off on their first date – despite their previous encounters – and Ambrosia ends up making him a French toast casserole for breakfast. This begins their dating relationship. The potion works this time. Or does it? Ambrosia’s LSAT scores get her into law school. To give her a break from studying, Lucius invites her to his house for dinner. She freaks out because she never had a man cook for her. It subsides long before he presents her with a roundtrip ticket to New Orleans – the perfect place to consummate their relationship and to divulge his secret. After she graduates from Georgetown Law School, Lucius surprises her with an engagement ring. What does she say to his proposal? Is she ready for a life-long commitment? Is he the perfect mate for her or does he lack something? The Food Enchantress dishes up a mouth-watering treat connected by Ambrosia’s continuing quest for both love and culinary perfection.